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37 reviews (average score: 4.72/5)

Christelle C. (19/08/2018)

Splendid excursion. The driver and the guide were friendly. Some efforts are required to climb the steps on the way back but it’s doable!

Christelle C. (19/08/2018)

The transfer hasn’t been executed. The driver first informed us that he was late. Then 30 minutes later, he called us back to tell us that his car was heating up too much. The hotel did find another driver who freely decided the price and we left with a sixty minutes late. We managed to reach the boat in time.

Reply from Elisa, LocalGuidesNetwork.com:
Dear Christelle, thank you so much for your feedback. Please note that this kind of technical problem is REALLY rare. Komang, your driver for that trip, felt that your safety was too important for taking any risk. Some drivers are not so serious about safety!

Christelle C. (16/08/2018)

Perfect. Made, the driver, is very friendly and is sharing a lot. Smooth driving.

Christelle C. (16/08/2018)

The driver offered us to stop for having lunch and then we had to argue to make sure he slows down. (excessive speed and overtakings) He was driving another customer to the airport after our trip. Rather poorly maintained vehicle. Very upset after our very good experience with Made.

Reply from Elisa, LocalGuidesNetwork.com:
Dear Christelle, your feedback is invaluable and we’re glad you alerted us. Following your remarks, we decided to immediately put an end to our partnership with this driver. Customer satisfaction and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Other local providers are faultless, so we want to preserve their reputation by excluding those who could suddenly lack of professionalism.

Christelle C. (16/08/2018)

We had a bad feeling with the driver. We were so afraid yesterday because of his sporty driving that we decided to skip some excursions. Lack of discussions. After enjoying our day with Made (another driver), it was disappointing. He was always discussing on his phone or checking some emails.

Reply from Elisa, LocalGuidesNetwork.com:
Dear Christelle, your feedback is invaluable and we’re glad you alerted us. Following your remarks, we decided to immediately put an end to our partnership with this driver. Customer satisfaction and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Other local providers are faultless, so we want to preserve their reputation by excluding those who could suddenly lack of professionalism.

Christelle C. (10/08/2018)

I’m very satisfied with the service. It permitted me to organise my trip by following your itineraries.
One suggestion to improve: display again important elements for each places, as indicated on your website, in the confirmation email sent a few days before.

Melina M. (02/08/2018)

Very good service. Came on time. Very friendly. Many info about the island.

Nathalie V. (31/07/2018)

Made came at the time indicated and has been a great driver and guide. We have learnt a lot about his country and its customs. Many thanks.

Désiré W. (22/07/2018)

Our driver was Komang.. He is an extremely kind men and a real gentleman. His knowledge of Bali allowed us to discover and enjoy all the treasures of the island. He also permitted us to skip a few mistakes along the trip by giving us good advice.. Thank you Komang for this beautiful friendliness..!

Jerome B. (11/07/2018)

Very friendly driver that went out of his way for us! Fantastic! We have spent a outstanding day!

Jerome B. (11/07/2018)

Transportation to Ubud with a friendly driver!

Amalia K. (03/07/2018)

Nous have spent our first day in Bali (Ubud) together with Made and it was a great day. Made is awesome, always smiling and caring, he speaks English very well and also speaks French rather well.
In the morning the starting time was fixed at 9:00 and Made was here 30 minutes before so you quickly now how serious he is.
Thanks again, I’ll do it again and recommend him without hesitation.

Annabelle C. (19/06/2018)

Very punctual, crystal-clean car and careful driving.

Annabelle C. (19/06/2018)

Very good day spent with Gede. He drove us to all the wished places. It was really good.

Annabelle C. (19/06/2018)

A day spent together with Gede who has been brilliant.
He shared with us his daily life and the activities done with him were great and surrounded by nature.
The landscapes were amazing. We were blown away.
Everything was perfect and we have spent a great day.

Caroline S. (15/05/2018)

Pleasant driver with good knowledge of his country. Very good driving. I fully recommend your services!

Alain H. (14/05/2018)

We really enjoyed our tour. Our guide, Made, showed us his "own" Bali with a very correct spoken French. We even got a stop which was not planned in the program to see the rice fields. Made is an excellent guide with a kind heart. We recommend him without hesitation, no matter if you speak English or French. Thanks Made.

David B. (15/04/2018)

Very good service and friendly driver.

Aurelia H. (19/03/2018)

Made was an excellent driver & guide. We had met him for 2 others tours and he is the very best. Kind, attentive, and always share his knowledge. It was a pleasure booking a tour with him.

Aurelia H. (10/03/2018)

We book a free itinerary tour and it was a great experience. We got to see exactly what we wanted. Made our driver was an amazing guide. He shared a lot of informations about Bali culture, traditions etc.
At each stop he made sure that we had everything needed (sarong, water). He was very helping and always told us to take our time while visited places. We never felt rushed.
It was a wonderful experience.

Michael C. (24/10/2017)

Made is very caring and welcoming.
I recommend him.

Vincent M. (23/09/2017)


Perfect as usual.

From a general point of view, we would like to thank MADE pour his kindliness and professionalism during our travel. We’ve had all tours and shuttles with him.

Moreover, he has good French skills. A big thanks to him and to Bali local guide.

Stéphanie E. (16/09/2017)

Very good service, amazing driver, very kind, smiling, caring and on time! Very good communication as well. I highly recommend.

Isabel R.R. (11/09/2017)

This shuttle was perfect. The car is comfortable and quite recent. My driver, Komang, speaks fluently English and can inform you about so many things in Bali: things to see, places to go, the culture... He was really helpful and helped me get some money changed at a decent rate, and helped me get a local sim card. I highly recommend Local Guide for your shuttle. It is very professional and humane.

Vincent M. (08/09/2017)

Just perfect. We’ve got a message from Made to tell us where is was waiting for us. Very good point as dozens of drivers are waiting in front the airport’s arrivals. Very good quality-of-service and gentle driver. Last but not least: Made speaks French.

Yannick B. (31/08/2017)

Prices are in the standards. The driver contacts you with Whatsapp to make sure about the place and meeting time. Special thanks to our driver Mondok, he was really kind and flexible. We talked with him all along the road and we have learnt a lot about the country.
I recommend this service.

Yannick B. (31/08/2017)

The driver was on time, serious and very kind. He contacted us with Whatsapp before to check the meeting time. The price is ok and similar to what you can find when you’re in Bali (at best you can save IDR 50,000 so about EUR 3). Minus the pain and hassles of searching during your holidays. Therefore, it’s a good deal!

Sébastien R. (28/08/2017)

Fantastic tour, especially the trekking in the rice fields on the way to the waterfalls (with postcard like landscapes). A big thanks to Gede for all the information, his kindliness and communicative joy. Thanks to Anne-Laure as well for her responsiveness.
Sébastien and Nadège

Didier F. (21/08/2017)

With the help of Bali local guide, our trip in Bali was a real enchantment. We were guided by a Balinese driver which also became like a friend because not only he guided us all over his country, but he also talked about its history. So, here’s my advice: do book a driver to visit the country as this is both a touristic adventure and a human adventure to the encounter of lovely inhabitants.

Have a good trip.

Marie-Hélène P. (09/08/2017)

A cooking class starting with a tour of the local market: this is mandatory when in a foreign country and with so many unfamiliar products. And so begins the real tasting!

Then, the cooking class. Products are fresh, everything smells good, the staff is very welcoming and fully takes care of you with a divine patience. Very friendly atmosphere with other participants and this is even more true when it’s time to eat our meal. We were proud and almost motivated for opening our own Balinese restaurant when back in our home country. Thank you for this beautiful experience. I totally recommend.

Marie-Hélène P. (04/08/2017)

The staff is excellent, both in France and abroad.

From France, everything is smooth: quick replies, email to summarize your needs…

When abroad: Made was lovely. He is a real gentleman, always on time, he expresses himself distinctively and gives numerous advice and information about his wonderful island.

Finally, the tour was great! Amazing beaches and plenty of time to fully enjoy each of them.

I recommend it

Pamela T. (26/06/2017)

It was great! We have spent an amazing day with Made, our driver. The car was comfortable and equipped with aircon. Made was on time, always smiling, responsive and took good care of us. We had bottles of water at our disposal, fresh towels and sarongs to enter the temples. Made was not only respecting our own-made itinerary but he also gave us advise about other very interesting places that we were not aware of. During the trip he talked about Bali’s history, culture and customs. We have learnt a lot from him. We really had a good time. Made’s smile and kindliness really moved us and this remains one of the best memories of the whole trip. It was not just a normal day tour but instead a real sharing. I highly recommend. Very good value for the price, excellent quality-of-service and uncommon flexibility.

Pamela T. (26/06/2017)

Very satisfied about the service we’ve had. The trip was pleasant, the car was equipped with aircon, bottles of water were at our disposal and Made, our driver, was always taking care of us. During the trip he talked about Balinese customs and culture. We also had a stop in a Ralph Lauren outlet. It was wonderful, I highly recommend Bali local guide, not only for the good value but also for the very good quality-of-service.

Dominique B. (25/05/2017)

Made showed us his island with professionalism and kindliness. Made speaks English et has very good skills in French as well. We highly recommend him…

Suzette L. (22/05/2017)

We were guided by Made during the tours.

Thanks to him we have discovered the wonders of the island and his kindness is overwhelming. We will keep very good memories about our trip and we truly recommend this guide, you won’t be disappointed.

Tita B. (14/03/2017)

It was a fantastic day! I was looking exactly for the trip that you gave to me.

Made, the driver, was great with us, he contacted us days before the day, he was waiting for us on time and nice driving, nice car and perfect trip.

Gede, our guide during the trekking was great. He show us all the rice lands, who do they live there, gave us local food (really great taste), drive us to the incredible waterfalls and very very nice. Food at the end of the trekking was also great.

I would like to come back soon and repeat the trip, exactly with the same guides, of course!

De perdidos al rio!

Thanks a lot for a perfect organization.

Steeve A. (17/01/2017)

During my trip in Bali, I have called upon LOCAL GUIDE NETWORK for several services and I’m glad I did as they were very responsive and experienced.

I’m used to travel in Asia and I’m always scared of being ripped off by travel agencies providing tours and I can insure you that Local Guides Network is not the kind of agency who try to get as much money as possible from you.

Their goal is customer satisfaction and authenticity.

I really recommend!! I had a really good time thanks to them.

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