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Bali / Spa & Massage / Ubud (budget) / Mandi Lulur (100 minutes)

This treatment begins with a Balinese massage, followed by an ancestral natural scrub of rice, turmeric, spices (called Lulur) to remove dead skin cells. Then a yoghurt balm will be applied on your skin to rebalance its PH and you will take a bath with exotic flowers.
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Let’s make it crystal clear:


- Treatment made by an experimented therapist.

Not Included

- Transportation to and from the spa.

Things to keep in mind

- Refrain from booking a treatment if you’re concerned with the following contraindications: pregnancy, inflammation, phlebitis, recent vaccination or fever, etc. If in doubt, please consult a doctor.
- Before your treatment we recommend you avoid eating a heavy meal as well as drinking diuretic or stimulant drinks.
- Please arrive to the spa 10 minutes before the treatment. The address is displayed in reminders which are sent to you by email in the days preceding your treatment.
- Please let the therapist know about your preferences or if parts of your body should be ignored.