Local Guides Network turns a slightly mad dream into reality: offering exceptional activities from local experts.
Behind this ambitious idea lies an observation resulting of numerous conversations with people from all over the world.

“ Getting off the beatten path requires a lot of patience or a substantial budget. ”
In the past, there were three methods:
Make your reservations in advance

Make your reservations in advance

This often involves spending numerous exhausting evenings on the computer comparing options on different websites to organise each important step (travel guides, hotels, activities…). One must generally conduct several price inquiries to determine what is included in the rate and attempt to choose the right provider by trusting the reviews.

What should always be pleasurable sometimes turns into a nightmare!

Book flight tickets and improvise

Book flight tickets and improvise

This generally leads to a huge waste of precious time and make it hard to get the most of your stay. For sure it is also much more difficult to find available service providers out there because of short requests, not to mention the fact that their reputation will be difficult to verify and details about the services will be fairly slim.

What a shame to be back home feeling like you weren't able to enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Give your homework to an agency

Give your homework to an agency

Less time-consuming, however it remains the costliest option, especially if you are keen to escape from the unsubtle big groups of tourists… and opt for a bespoke service! In addition, the tourist agent dealing with you could potentially never have even set foot in the country in question. It is tricky to imagine, in that case, that you could be given any good advice.

Despite a significant price difference, you are still not guaranteed to get the best service.

As it didn’t exist, we had to create it.

Invest in quality rather than quantity.

By covering fewer destinations but exploring them in depth, we grant you an access to a wide range of bookable services and free contents.

Either in whole or in part, you can freely combine them to create the adventure of a lifetime!

Save time and money.

Choosing our services is choosing simplicity and clarity.
At a glance, you’ll know the practical details and what exactly is included in the price. The reservation request is quickly done online, and payment of a small amount is enough to ensure the provider’s availability.

As soon as you reach your destination, just relax and enjoy!

Authenticity. Everywhere, every time.

Keen to crisscross the country exploring all the temples of the region? Enjoy extraordinary authentic experiences or be pampered with a massage? Our selection of local providers, chosen for their reliability, will be thrilled to see you share their passion and will ensure you have an unforgettable time.

The hardest thing is to decide what to choose!

Everyone should experience breathtaking moments.
Our wide range of activities - the majority of which are private – are tested, approved and offered with fair prices.

The number of participants is limited in order to safeguard the authenticity of the visited places and facilitate a real exchange with the local population.

Promote a respectful cultural exchange.

We strive to promote local providers (rather than potential foreign investments) and only add to their prices a small service fee.

Therefore, we have a virtuous relationship with them where work and the promotion of their culture and traditions will help them to build a better future for their families.

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